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    1. Q. The about section says something about a book. What’s this all about?
      A. The original intention of this site is to raise some hype about the possibility of a book specifially toward the WordPress development community. I hope that through this site I can gather some useful feedback on first and foremost, if a book like this would be well accepted in the community, and if at some point it would be worthwhile to attempt to find a publisher for the book. I also hope to gather feedback on parts of the book that are already written, and feedback on tips, tricks, tutorials, or documentation that people feel would be useful for a book for developers. If you would like to share some of your feedback, please drop me an e-mail at weeklywptips@gmail.com
    2. Q. Who’s responsible for this site?
      A. Well, its just going to have to be a surprise for later! I’d like an unbiased opinion on the book instead of hinderances by online identities.

If you have another question, I’d be glad to answer it, and most likely post it here. Send me an e-mail at weeklywptips@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



1. Randie - September 5, 2009

I think a book on WordPress Tips, Tricks and Hacks is a great idea. I would buy it.

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